Veteran Horse Insurance Quotes

Horses are costly investments that require coverage regardless of the age of the horse. Financial investments like these need quality protection especially if they are regularly exposed to risks such as races, competitions and other situations that could pose harm to the health or life of your horse, especially if your horse is more than 16 years old.

This is the reason why we offer equine insurance for this specific population of horses, so that you as the owner can ensure that any problems down the road, such as disease or accidents, remain manageable at no extra cost to you.

Easy and Reliable Veteran Horse Insurance Coverage

With years of experience providing insurance for veteran horses, we have the expertise in providing clients with the right insurance for them and their horses. All you need to do is provide the needed information including the age of your horse, current health status and other pertinent data and we will create a customised insurance package for you. 

There is no extra cost for a quote, no intrusive or unrelated questions and no forms will be filled. This is an easy and convenient way of securing coverage for your prized investment. It's as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call.

Veteran Horse Insurance Quotes

Here are some of the features that you can expect from a customised horse insurance policy that we offer:

  • Suitable for for horses over 16 yrs of age 
  • Death Cover
  • Theft or Straying
  • Public Liability
  • Veterinary fees 
  • Hospitalisation 
  • Rider Personal Accident 
  • Saddlery & Tack
  • Permanent Loss of Use
  • Loss of Entry Fees

One of the best features offered by our policy is full coverage in cases of theft or straying. There is no shortage of horse theft cases that became hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of losses to the owner. Avoid this kind of scenario by making sure you are financially covered when your veteran horse gets stolen. 

Hospitalisation and vet fees are covered, of course. Horses are not immune to sickness and injury even if you can provide the best kind of medical care possible. Certain diseases can hit horses hard and you have to be prepared with the right amounts in cases when the horse needs extended medical care. 

Injuries and diseases that result to permanent loss of use can also be covered under our policy. While horses can make great pets, if you bought them for competition or breeding, the loss of the ability to compete or breed could pose as a huge financial setback for you.

Specific for Older Horses

Older horses have certain needs and face specific health risks. This is the reason why our coverage is intended for this type. Most insurers will only insure healthy horses or place impractical premiums on older or veteran horses. Other insurance providers restrict their policies to horses aged 30 days to 19 years. 

With an average lifespan of 25-30 years, going a full ten years with no coverage is a recipe for disaster if you are the owner of that horse. We specifically offer coverage for veteran horses so that you can get the right coverage you need from an insurance provider that knows and understands the risks.

Veteran Horse Insurance Quotes

The Right Insurance for Your Equine Investment

We offer comprehensive coverage to meet the specific conditions of your horse. Avoid paying for excessive and useless coverage and benefit from an affordable insurance that covers all the bases without the bells and whistles. The best thing about our policies is that you can also add other features as you see fit to create the most foolproof coverage for your investment. 

For example, there's the option to include personal liability insurance in case a third party becomes injured by the horse. Cover for trailer and other types of horse transportation vehicles may also be required if you regularly take the horse to other locations for competitions and shows.

Other benefits of the veteran horse insurance policies we provide include:

  • hassle-free veteran horse insurance quotes 

  • horse security guides and tips 

  • hassle-free claims process 

  • prompt customer support 

Do not let your precious equine investment remain unprotected for one more day. Paying a few pounds a month is definitely easier on your wallet than forking over thousands of pounds for surgical treatments down the road. Give us a call so we can work together to create the perfect coverage for you and your horse.

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