Travel Insurance with High Cholesterol

If you travel with high cholesterol you may not realise that you need to declare your high cholesterol when purchasing their travel insurance. Even if you have declared other related conditions, failure to declare raised cholesterol levels can invalidate your cover.

How easy is it to get travel insurance with high cholesterol?

Sometime you may experience difficulty finding a specialist travel insurance provider who can cover you for your high cholesterol. If you suffer from high cholesterol, you may also be at increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks or strokes. Some insurers may therefore be reluctant to offer cover because they consider those with raised cholesterol levels more likely to claim.

Having a medical condition should not stop you from travelling abroad, particularly because Insure Direct gives you access to a number of specialist providers of medical travel insurance who can provide annual or single trip travel insurance for those diagnosed with high cholesterol.

During their online quote process you will be asked questions about your cholesterol levels. Once you have completed the online screening, you will be have access to quotations from those medical travel insurance providers who are able to offer you cover. You can then choose the quote which best suits your needs.

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What if I am travelling with more than one medical condition?

Insure Direct and the providers we use recognise that you may need cover for more than one medical condition. It is common for those who suffer from heart disease or stroke to also suffer from high cholesterol. Using the online or telephone quote processes will give you the opportunity to add multiple conditions with ease.


You should pack the medication that you require in your hand luggage, so that it is easily accessible during your flight. Also try to pack extra (subject to airline guidelines), just in case you have any delays or you are without your suitcase for any period of time.

Take a list of all your medications and doses in case you need to re-purchase any medicines whilst away or show medical staff should you need treatment abroad.

If you are travelling to a new time zone, you may need to consider changing the timings of your medicines. You should discuss this with your GP before you leave.

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Even though you are on holiday, you should still try to maintain a healthy balanced diet. You should try to steer clear of fatty foods and instead eat fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals.

If you think that your diet may fall short of fibre when you are on holiday, you may want to take some fibre supplements. It is important to check any supplements over with your doctor before travelling.


Regular exercise can help to reduce cholesterol levels, so try and be as active as possible during your trip.

If you are flying with high cholesterol, it will be worthwhile reservong an aisle seat so you can move around the aircraft as often as possible. This will also help to reduce your chances of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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