Touring Caravan Insurance Quotes

Caravan insurance is not normally a requirement, but having it can save you a lot of money and heartache. Going on holiday, or away for the weekend is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy new surroundings, but this can all turn into a nightmare if the worst happens and you end up having a major issue with your caravan. Caravan insurance can take the sting out of any incident you may have while away with it, and while any incident can be frustrating, having the right coverage can at least make your life financially secure.

There is a wide range of coverage available, and you can tailor make your insurance to the specification of your unit by having anything from a basic coverage to a comprehensive policy. Always bear this in mind when looking for the best touring caravan insurance quotes.

Fuss Free Caravan Insurance

  • Theft of caravan

  • Storm or flood damage

  • Accidental damage (if chosen in your selected policy)

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Additional Coverage Available

  • Equipment cover (including such items as generators, wheel clamps, gas bottles etc)

  • Contents cover (your personal effects, clothes and so on)

  • New for old (normally available if your caravan is 5 years and under)

The Right Insurance For You

We realise that every caravan is different and offers many different options and features, which is why many of our policies can be modified to reflect exactly what is on your trailer. After all, there's little point in paying for something you don't actually need or have on your trailer when considering the best touring caravan insurance quotes.

After all, caravans are effectively houses on wheels, and have many potential problems just waiting to happen. Add the fact that caravans are also mobile, the stresses and strains of moving further impact on the structure of the unit. Not only that, but consider the external components of air conditioners, if any generators are installed, and so on, having a good insurance policy that covers all that provides you with a great sense of peace of mind. 

You've spent a lot on your unit, so it is wise that you need to insure it appropriately too and search for the best touring caravan insurance quotes.

This means that our insurance policies can be tailor made to your touring caravan requirements, which means you save money by not having to pay for coverage on something that your caravan may not even have.

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Think About the Type of Coverage You Need

You almost certainly should have coverage to cover the threat of theft. It's not difficult to steal a caravan, just back up, hook up, and away they go with it. Furthermore, storm and flood damage is also a common problem in certain areas, particularly with the increased flood damage the UK has experienced over the past few years.

Accidental damage is one aspect of coverage that isn't often selected, but really should be considered more. Do you store your touring caravan near any trees, or buildings? 

Consider the chances of a branch or something falling off and landing on your caravan. It may even be a small amount of damage that affects the roof of your unit, but once it starts raining and water gets in, even through a small gap, the amount of water damage after can be immense. Even after a short period of time. An accidental damage policy will cover that.

Personal effects is also something to think about. When you go away, how much do you take with you, and how valuable is it to you? 

Would adding this onto your policy be worthwhile? Or do you simply take the bare minimum? This is something else to consider when shopping for the best touring caravan insurance quotes.

New for old is also something to think about. You normally don't need to concern yourself with this aspect if your unit is over six years old, but those units under this age can qualify for the new for old policy, and this can be attractive when considering your insurance.

So before you go any further with your caravan, contact us for a no hassle insurance quote, tailor made to suit your needs, and thus ensure you have full peace of mind when you go on your caravan holiday.

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