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A static caravan is a very valuable possession and as such, it needs to be well protected both physically and financially. In order to safeguard against any eventualities, it is very important that you get the right insurance cover. Just because your caravan is always in one place doesn't mean that it is safe. 

There are a lot of things that may happen resulting into damages and losses for you. In order to get the peace of mind with your caravan, it is very important that you get it insured.With static caravan insurance, your caravan will be protected in case of damages. Let us take a look at some of the benefits you stand to enjoy with a static caravan insurance cover.

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The Benefits of Static Caravan Insurance

For starters, the insurance cover is a flexible product meaning that it can be customised and tailored to fit your exact needs. This way, you don't have to pay any additional costs that you will not be needing. You only pay for what you need hence saving you a lot of money in terms of premiums.

The static caravan insurance cover also covers for the removal of debris in case of destruction. This way, you don't have to incur any further cost in case of unforeseen events. In case of damage to your caravan, we will take care of the costs involved in re-siting as well as the removal of debris.

Since the static caravan insurance is similar to home insurance, we also take care of the replacement of content in addition to the damages that may happen. The coverage also includes cover for any other ancillary domestic outbuildings and the contents of the caravan. This means that whatever is inside the caravan is covered under the same comprehensive insurance plan.

Even when you are away, the static caravan insurance coverage will ensure that your caravan is in great shape and all damages and breakages both outside and inside are taken care of with a single insurance plan.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to getting this insurance is the peace of mind that you get to enjoy. As long as you have the coverage, you will never have to worry about accidental damages and other unforeseen events taking place. You will be able to go about your daily activities and enjoy your life without having to worry about the caravan and the contents that are inside it.

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Get Protection Against the Unforeseen

The contents of the caravan must be important to you. For this reason, we have tailored our static caravan insurance to cover against fire, theft, lightning, heave, subsidence, accidental damage to underground services and land slips. You can have as much or as little coverage as you need depending on your personal needs and preferences. 

You do not have to pay for coverage that you will not be needing hence the tailor made packages for each and every situation.

No matter what your insurance needs may be, we have got what it takes to provide you with the right coverage. Our insurance plans will take care of not just your caravan, but the contents and other structures and surroundings such as skirting, steps and balconies. There is no way of knowing what may happen today or tomorrow so the longer you stay without an insurance cover, the higher the risk you are placing yourself in. 

Getting an insurance coverage means that no matter what may happen to your caravan or the contents and surrounding structures, you don't need to spend a single penny from your pocket in order to take care of it.

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In order to give you a better picture of the savings you stand to make with our insurance plan, we have provided a way for you to get an estimate of how much it will cost you to get coverage for your caravan. This way, you have all the numbers needed in order to do the math on your own. Static caravan insurance quotes will help you plan better for the future and tailor your coverage to fit your particular situation. Get your static caravan insurance quote now and see how much you stand to save.

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