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Did you know that after your home and car, a horse could be the most expensive purchase that you make? Therefore, it's only natural to want to protect your animal by taking out an insurance policy that best suits your circumstances. Owning a horse can be an expensive business. 

After all, an illness or injury could happen at any time, or your horse might be involved in an accident. In the event that this does occur, you could be left with high medical bills. Horse insurance can help to provide the piece of mind that you need.

What is horse insurance ?

Horse insurance can protect you against theft, injury or an unexpected emergency. Remember - an accident that involves your horse could result in you becoming seriously injured or having to pay compensation to another party. Our insurance packages have been designed to provide a financial safeguard in the event of an accident or other unforeseen event.

There are a number of different horse insurance policies on the market, so it's always beneficial to take your time and find the best cover for your individual circumstances. Remember, cheap insurance doesn't always provide the best value, and could cost you more money in the long run. 

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Take some time to shop around and find the best horse insurance quotes. We offer horse insurance at a competitive price without sacrificing on value. We offer flexible cover and can tailor an insurance package dependant on your circumstances.

Why is horse insurance important ?

  • With theft of trailers and tacks on the rise, horse insurance is becoming increasingly important. It can save you more money in the long run, and provide you with the financial means to replace equipment and other expensive valuables.

  • If your horse requires a visit to the vet, our horse insurance can protect you against these costs. If your horse becomes hospitalised, it can be a stressful time

  • Horse insurance can help to reduce the worry.

  • We also offer horse insurance for public liability costs, theft and straying, loss of entry fees, permanent loss of use, and death cover. 

How much is horse insurance?

Horse insurance can vary considerably, and with so many insurance policies available on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. The price of cover can depend on whether you have just purchased your horse, its purchase price, and whether your horse has been home bred. Other factors that are taken into consideration include its age, sex, ability, bloodline and breed. We will consider all of these factors and provide you with insurance cover of the best value.

What documents do I need to apply for horse insurance ?

The documents you will need to apply for horse insurance will depend on the age and breed of your horse, and the type of cover that you require. You may need certificates or other documentation from your vet in order for us to process your application. However, a member of our team will tell you which documents you need when applying for our horse insurance.

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Why we are different

Here are some of the benefits of taking out one of our horse insurance packages:

  • Our application process is simple and straightforward, and you could receive a quote in as little as a few minutes when applying online. Our website includes further information about the type of insurance cover that we provide.

  • We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of customers service at all times. Our friendly trained staff will be able to assist you during the application process, and if you need to make a claim on your insurance. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with a member of our staff, including via phone and email. 

  • 91% of our customers renew their insurance with us, and we offer a wide range of insurance packages, including home insurance, pet insurance, and holiday home insurance.

For more information about our horse insurance, to obtain a hassle-free quote, or for more details about the other types of insurance that we offer, don't hesitate to contact us TODAY and speak to a member of our team. A member of staff will be able to discuss your options and provide you with flexible cover based on your individual requirements and circumstances.

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