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That spare room in your home could be the birthplace of the next multinational company. In a period in time when working from home has gained so much popularity, you have to take that home job in the same seriousness as the office job. As you run your home office, it is important that you get a proper home office insurance cover.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your home enterprise are adequately insured. Whichever your needs, we can meet them. Our tailored home office insurance cover will satisfactorily cover all your insurance needs.

That small business in your house has similar risks to the other at some commercial premises nearby. The business needs an insurance cover tailored to deal with the risks associated with a home business.

The following are risk areas that our home office insurance cover will attend to:

The Office Equipment in Your Home

We will insure all equipment you use for your home business. The equipment could be office chair, office desk, printers and photocopiers. Our specialist home office insurance will give you additional protection for interruption of your business and an expert’s equipment or a lawyer’s legal fees.

Problems with Your Clients

Every person who sells his or her skills, knowledge or expertise needs insurance. In fact, sometimes it is a requirement that you have professional personal cover. Through the home office insurance cover, we will cover your home business from customers or clients who may be seeking compensation for damages they may have suffered through your business.

However careful you might be when providing services to clients or customers, mistakes are bound to happen. Such compensation could easily ground a business that was otherwise promising. Our cover will shield you from the suffering this could cause you and your business. In some professions like accountancy, advertising agencies and consultancy, personal indemnity cover is a must have.

Covering Your Visitors

We offer public liability insurance that covers all those who visit your home office. This cover also extends to the times you visit their offices. Through this cover, you are shielded from damage claims by you or your business.

These claims could include equipment damage and personal injury. The legal fees that may be required in the event of a lawsuit are also covered. Our cover will ensure that you interact with your visitors without the fear of the unknown.

If you are forced to defend yourself or your business in a court of law, we will take care of all the legal fees.

Covering Your Staff

There is a legal requirement that employers acquire Employers’ liability insurance. This cover protects any employee your company has other than yourself. This employer’s liability insurance will meet all legal fees and damage costs that might arise if your employee gets injured or falls ill at the workplace as a result of the work they are doing for you. 

Without this insurance, a work injury could threaten the very existence of the business as it tries to meet hospital costs. A business can even be liquidated to meet such expenses. Hospital costs normally also include ambulance costs. Our employers’ liability cover will keep you shielded from the harm you business would have suffered during such an eventuality.

Electronic Risks

E-risks insurance is essential for any person doing business over the Internet. Our e-risks cover will take care of all issues arising from the Internet, your computer equipment as well as every other electronic devise in use in your home office.

Viruses have the potential to damage your machines and ground your operations. Hackers could gain access to your computers and retrieve personal information of your clients and customers as well as steal from your accounts.

The e-risks cover will meet all costs that would emerge from such occurrences.

You are at liberty to add other home office insurance cover options from our array of covers available to you. These include personal accident, private dwelling and fidelity guarantee. Fidelity guarantee covers you from claims of dishonesty or fraud that any of your employees might have committed.

Please do not hesitate to call us for all your home office insurance needs. Speak to us and get covered. You never know when this contingency plan might prove worthwhile. You have a great vision; protect it from being grounded.

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