Holiday Home Insurance Quotes

For those who own a holiday home, you might think you stay there a few weeks out of the year, and don't even consider insurance protection. But, just like your own home, the holiday home is going to run as many risks of damage, theft, or loss, as your own home. 

When you call us, simply let us know where your holiday home is located, what contents are in the home, when you travel to the home, and we can custom tailor the perfect quote and coverage to protect the home you have invested in. We will find you the best rates, and won't require you to fill out an extensive online form, in order to get your quote. 

Call us today to speak with a specialist, and find out how easy it is to find the perfect level of coverage, at a price which is much lower than what you might have anticipated.

No Hassle Coverage

When purchasing your policy, what do you need to consider. Some of the benefits of purchasing through us includes: 

  • Coverage extends beyond the property. If you have a pool, outdoor entertainment space, and other external amenities, they are covered.

  • Contents coverage, so the items in the holiday home are also protected. 

  • Flood and water damage available, for those holiday homes in coastal regions, or those areas which are prone to certain natural disasters. 

  • Coverage on holiday homes nearly anywhere in the world, available to those who purchase directly from us. 

  • Accidental damage coverage, and emergency travel expense coverage if needed.

You don't have to wait several months for coverage to kick in, which is usually the case with many insurers. Once you purchase our policy, you are covered right away, eliminating the risk of damage occurring, during the period you aren't covered.

Additional levels of coverage offered

Upon receiving your Holiday Home Online Insurance Quotes, we can also offer you additional coverage. If your holiday home is in a high density or traffic area, burglars might be a threat. If items are stolen, we can provide replacement cost coverage. If you don't file a claim during a period of time, additional discounts may be offered to you. 

Depending on where the home is, and what additional coverage you are requesting, a few questions may be asked to determine whether or not coverage is available to you. Additionally, fees will be added for different forms of coverage. However, if you work with us, we will find you the best price possible for your insurance coverage, and guarantee to make the process as quick and easy as possible to you.

Find the perfect level of coverage

Some holiday home owners will not require certain types of coverage. For example, if there is no threat of water damage in a certain region, why should you pay for this? Or, if it is located in a gated community, where theft and burglary don't occur, you might not need theft or burglary protection for your policy. For these reasons, and others, our comprehensive coverage can be tailored to fit your personal needs. 

We understand that not all policy holders are in the same situation, and will not require the same level of coverage. We feel you should not pay for the coverage that you do not need, and coverage that you are never going to use. The plan protects damage, theft, emergency travel expenses, and outlying coverage (pools, decks, etc). However, certain customers may inquire about additional coverage. A few additional benefits customers will appreciate include:

  • Reduced rate on policy coverage if no claims are filed on the holiday home.

  • Travel expenses are covered for certain emergencies. 

  • Contents coverage and replacement will protect your most valuable assets, and items you have worked to purchase for your holiday home.

Simply because you want to protect the items you have worked so hard for, and the holiday home which you have worked hard to purchase, does not mean you will have to overpay to purchase the policy protection. Simply give us a call to discuss our holiday home online insurance quotes and coverage options, and find out how simple purchasing a policy for your holiday home can really be.

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