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With many different styles of boats and personal watercraft, finding the right boat insurance policy quote with us is not only easy to do, but we also guarantee to find you the perfect policy for your personal situation. 

Simply give us the basic information about your boat, in order for us to determine the ideal levels of coverage, for the amount of use, and types of use. We don't require you to answer personal questions, or fill out a lengthy form; we will find you the best coverage in no time. Whether you use your boat once a year, or every weekend, we can find you the perfect levels of coverage. 

Contact us to learn more about our coverage options, so we can find you the best boat insurance policy rates, and highest levels of coverage.

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The right level of coverage for any boat or watercraft

Regardless of the type of boat you own and operate, we can offer you the required level of coverage without the hassle. Some options for coverage include: 

  • Small craft coverage, to protect you of all risks from claims arising from smaller yachts, to RIBs, or a small speedboat. 
  • Sail boat coverage for enjoyment or racing. 
  • Motorboat coverage protecting you on the waterways. 
  • Coverage for sailing dinghies, recreational, or racing purposes. 
  • Policies for narrowboats and other inland cruisers. 

Commercial coverage is also available for businesses that operate boats. Both to protect employees, and to protect the watercraft and other vessels on the sea.

The additional coverage options

When selecting your boat insurance policy, you also have to consider the ideal levels of coverage for your boat, based on the type of and frequency of use. Some additional coverage options boat owners can choose include: bodily injury and property damage liability, uninsured boater coverage, medical payments, and comprehensive coverage. 

Depending on the type of boat you operate, and the type of use (recreational or commercial), the cost of coverage, and additional coverage options will vary. In order to find the best boat insurance policy quote, and the perfect levels of coverage for you, simply contact us to learn more about our coverage options. 

Although we can't cover every boat or protect against all forms of damage, we can provide you with the most comprehensive levels of coverage, to protect yourself, protect others who are on the boat, and to protect the boat which you own and operate.

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Find the best policy for you 

With a comprehensive, full cover boat policy, we can custom tailor the coverage to fit your personal needs. With our coverage options, you will never pay for coverage you don't need; we can discuss all coverage options, and find the plan that fits the desired level of coverage which you are interested in. 

Medical expenses, emergency towing, accident coverage, damage and personal liability coverage, are all included in your policy; work with our agents to find the best price, and to find the perfect level of coverage for your boating needs. 

Policy owners can also choose to include additional coverage options, including on water towing, water sports coverage, total loss replacement, and more.
You will be covered from the day you purchase your policy, so you don't have to worry about delays in coverage. Your boat policy will include:

  • Roadside assistance, if you ever need a tow. On water towing and labour coverage is included. 

  • Comprehensive and collision options available, for boaters to determine how much coverage is required. 

  • Fishing equipment coverage and fuel spill coverage. 

When choosing your boat insurance policy, you have to determine how much coverage is required, based on the type of uses, where you use, and whether the boat policy is needed for a residential or for a commercial policy. Because the prices of boats vary, and because every boater will use their boats differently, the type of policy and the level of coverage purchased is going to vary. 

In order to find the best prices, to find the right level of coverage, and find the additional coverage options, you can call us today. Find out how affordable our policies are, and learn about how you can purchase more boat insurance coverage with us, for less than a base policy with other insurers.

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