Best Pet Dog Insurance Cover

With our dog insurance you can make sure that any unexpected emergencies, from canine diseases to injuries and accidents can be covered without extra cost to you. Your dog is a loved family member so you would want nothing but the best in canine insurance for him or her. Guard against accidents and illness and the cost these entail with the best pet dog insurance cover that we offer.

Hassle-Free Coverage for Man's Best Friend

  • Vet fees for illness and injury up to £7,500--Flexible levels of cover

  • Ongoing cover for new eligible treatments

  • Advertising and Reward

  • 91% of our Clients Renew

  • Immediate cover online

  • 20% New Client Discount


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Coverage for New Conditions and Treatments

We cover serious and emergency conditions including the cost for prescribed medications, hospitalisation expenses, and even medical examination costs, with ongoing coverage for new eligible treatments. Avoid the heartbreak that comes with not having enough funds for new treatments that could potentially save the life of your dog. With coverage for the newest eligible treatments, you can make sure that your pooch gets the best care that is available to him.

Protection During Harsh Economic Times

Coverage like this is invaluable especially during hard economic times. A little goes a long way in making sure that you are prepared to handle your dog's medical needs when these conditions arise, especially since diseases and accidents usually do not pick the best times to hit you. Taking out pet insurance for your dog is one way to set aside money for medical bills in a payment scheme that you can afford today, so that you avoid paying larger amounts later on. With a basic insurance package your canine family member can benefit from a coverage of up to £7,500 in vet's fees.

The Best Pet Dog Insurance Cover for Your Canine Friend

Coverage is very flexible and determined by size, age, and breed of dog, since different breeds face different risks when it comes to health issues. This way you avoid paying for insurance that is not specific to the anticipated needs of your dog. There is no money wasted on general pet insurance that will only be partly beneficial for your dog. From puppies to seniors, there is no discrimination in coverage. 

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You can enroll puppies as young as a few months old and coverage will not stop based on a set maximum age. The flexibility extends to the kind of care your dog can receive. From sophisticated, modern technological advances in pet care to alternative treatments, you can be sure that these covered so that you have a wider range of options for treatments and a greater chance of seeing your dog get well. 

You also have the flexibility to choose your medical services provider. We know that there are some dogs who take to certain vets and animal carers and we understand how important this is during times of illness. Choose from a wide range of veterinarians, hospitals and clinics and get the best care for your canine companion.

Prompt Compensation

We reimburse for most if not all of your vet bills when you meet your annual deductible and offer multiple discounts for multiple pets insured.

Easy payouts, prompt compensation as well as full support during these trying times are what makes us the best pet insurance company out there. All you need is to present your dog's medical records for a fast and easy claims process. The stress of dealing with a sick or injured family member is already too much. You do not need the extra hassle of dealing with insurance jargon or difficult payouts.

Reliable and Trusted by Dog Owners

Most of our policy holders renew every time because they know they can rely on us. By working with a trusted company that specialises in dog insurance you know that you'll have the right kind of help when trouble arises. You and your dog can meet any challenge as long as you have the right coverage and the right people working with you. 

Your dog is a family member and a loved one. This is the reason why we truly understand the anxiety and worry that accompanies illness or accidents. Guard against hefty expenses when your pet gets sick. 

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